We take pride in offering a classic taste in the finest tradition - traditional delicacies and theauthentic Gujarati flavorat Laxmi Farsan & Catering.

If you are looking for Austin farsan and catering the Gujarati style, Laxmi Farsan & Catering is where your search ends. We bring you mouth-watering farsan and lip smacking traditional delicacies for all occasions and events. We are the proud inheritors of the leading farsan maker Mangu Zina Chevdawala from Gujarat and offer you services that live up to our illustrious origin. We are here to serve you with a quality and taste that will delight yourdesipalate and a commitment toward safety and world-class hygiene standards.

If you crave for pure traditional Gujarati snacks in Austin, Laxmi Farsan brings to you the ethnic Indian taste that you so dearly miss on foreign land. Our delectable snacks are available in a number of Indian grocery stores in Austin. You can also walk in at our store and have your favorite lip smacking farsan,desistyle.  

On Order Delicacies

Our wide range of scrumptious snacks and sweets that are sure to make you nostalgic include Chana Dal, Mehi Puri, Bhavnagri Ganthiya, Chevdo, African Chevdo, Chakri, & Papdi Gathiya among others. We also serve special dishes outside our regular menu catering to your specific needs. Please call us to plan your event, and we will provide you with customized dishes to wow your guests and relatives.

Online Indian Snacks Service

We, at Laxmi Farsan and Catering, also serve to bring your favorite snacks right at your doorstep. We have online ordering services where you can just choose your favorite farsan and sit back and relax while it gets delivered to you. To add delight to your experience, we also offer free shipping for orders of 10 lb and above. We serve to indulge your desire for authentic traditional delicacies.


We also offer catering services for all events and occasions. We believe that special occasions deserve a memorable celebration and work toward giving you cherished memories for all occasions that you celebrate away from your homeland. We offer farsan and catering in Austin for occasions, including:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Baby Showers
  • Parties (Birthdays and others)
  • Pujas/Religious Events
  • Corporate Events & Meetings
  • Community/Group Get-togethers.

We have on offer a wide variety of Indian, especially Gujarati delicacies, sweets, and snacks at matchless prices, which are sure to tantalize the taste buds of your guests. Our Austin farsan and catering services promise to remind your guests of Indian delicacies. They are sure to take delight in our varied fare of sweet, savory, and spicy dishes that come from the best chefs, who are experts in preparing preserved traditional recipes.

Come to Laxmi Farsan when you think of Gujarati snacks in Austin or traditional catering. We will make sure that you get a feel and authentic flavor of the traditional culinary delicacies.  Together we shall make it a memorable day for you and your loved ones.