Catering Menu

Sample Menu #1 (100-250 ppl -$18/ppl) OR (250 & up - $16/ppl)**
  1. Dal
  2. Bhat
  3. Kera methi Khalwa or Lilva Kachli
  4. Rengan Bataka, or Rengan Lilva
  5. Bhinda or Tindora or Bataka bhaji
  6. Locha Puri
  7. Lapsi or Moog Siro, or Rava Siro
  8. Raitu
  9. Papad Papdi
  10. Mango Pickle
Sample Menu #2 (100-250 ppl -$20/ppl) OR (250 & up - $18/ppl)**
  1. Kadhi
  2. Rice Or Vegetable Pulav
  3. Mori Dal
  4. Undhiyu or Panchtuniyu Sak
  5. Tindora or Bhinda or Bataka chips
  6. Locha Puri
  7. Shrikhand OR Ras
  8. Rava Menda Puri or Dahintra Or Khaja
  9. Papad Papad
  10. Salad or Moog Salad
  11. Mango Pickle
  12. Petish or khamani sev or lilva kacholi
Sample Menu #3 (Appetizers) (100-250 ppl -$12/ppl) OR (250 & up - $10/ppl)**
  1. Veggie Manchuria
  2. Panner Chili
  3. Chicken Tikka dry
  4. Cocktail Dana
Sample Menu #4 (100-250 ppl -$14/ppl) OR (250 & up - $12/ppl)**
  1. Pav
  2. Bhaji
  3. Onion Tamato Salad
  4. Gulab Jamun
Sample Dinner: (100-250 ppl -$18/ppl) OR (250 & up - $16/ppl)**
  1. Panner Butter Masala
  2. Dal Fry
  3. Chole
  4. Chicken Butter Masala
  5. Jeera Rice
  6. Naan
  7. Ras Malai
  8. Onion Salad
  9. Papad papdi

Sample Breakfast menu (100-250 ppl -$10/ppl) OR (250 & up - $8/ppl)

  1. Indian Cha
  2. Bataka Poha OR Corn Chevdo HOT OR vagarelo rotlo
  3. Chevdo, Star Gathiya, Makhania biscuit, Farsi puri


Catering rules

*Above food price is for food ONLY, if you needed Plates & silverware it will be provided with additional cost.( Please ask as for the quote)

*Tax of 8.25% will be applied.

*Any Changes in menu or number of guest has to finalized 2 weeks prior to the event date.

*Laxmi Farsan required around 30% deposit of total invoice to secure our catering service for your event.

Travel Charges:

*Laxmi Farsan requires clients to provide ________ hotel rooms accommodation at or near by hotel/motel.

*Laxmi Farsan requires clients to pay $________ travel cost like gas, van rental etc.

*Laxmi Farsan requires clients to provide onsite or nearby kitchen or 20 x 30 tent with wall, Tables, chairs for us to cook inside.

Live Station Charges: ($150 - $250 per stations)

Our staff member will be behind to food counter to prepare & serve


Vegetarian Appetizer Selection:
  • Lilva Kacholi Coconut Petish Vegetable Samosa
  • Patra Chana Dal Samosa Khaman Dokala
  • Kera methi Khalwa Fulwadi Paneer Chili
  • Veg Manchuria Chili Mogo Spring Roll
  • Chinese Bhel
Vegetarian Stations
  • Samosa Chat Papadi Chat Mexican Bhel
  • Ragda Petish Italian Pasta & salad Pani puri
  • Bhel Puri Falafal
Vegetarian Breakfast
  • Corn Chevdo Vagharelo Rotlo Bataka Poha
  • Cha Indian Coffee Masala Puri
  • Handwo Papdi no lot
International Food
  • Falafel Mexican Bhel Mexican Enchiladas
  • Pasta
Gujarati Vegetarian
  • Surti Undhiyu Bhinda Tindora
  • Punch Tutiyu Bhinda Bataka Tindora Bataka
  • Bataka Suki Bhaji Bataka Chips Rasawala Bataka
  • Moog nu Khatu Fangavela Moog Val ni Dal
  • Rengan Bakta Rengan Tuver Rengan Papdi lilva
  • Bataka Vatana Dudhi Chana Kaju Karela
  • Cauliflower Tamata Kala Chana
Punjabi Vegetarian
  • Paneer Butter Masala Palak Paneer Bhindi Masala
  • Dum Aloo Aloo Palak Dal Fry
  • Chole Jeera Aloo Malai Kofta
  • Veggie Manchuria Paneer Chili Hakka Noodle
  • Veg Fried Rice Veg Spring Roll Chinese Bhel
South-Indian Selection
  • Idle Sambhar Medu Wada
  • Dahi Wada Lemon Rice Tamarind Rice
Rice & Dal Selection
  • Gujarati Dal Kadhi Plain Rice
  • Moog Yellow Dal Pulav Jeera Rice
  • Vegetable Biryani
  • Puri Rava Menda puri Rotli
  • Paratha Masala Puri Vermi(puran Puri)
  • Naan Dahintra
  • Lapsi Rava Siro Moog no Siro
  • Mohanthal Shrikhand Plain Shrikhand Kesarpista
  • Fruit Salad Gulab Jamun Ras Malai
Non- Veg Appetizers:
  • Chicken Tikka Dry Jeera Chicken Lamb Chop
  • Methi Chicken Chicken Chili Chicken 65 Chicken manchuria
Non-Veg Curries:
  • Desi Chicken Curry Chicken Butter masala
  • Goat Curry


Visit and check out our catering menu. Contact Sam at 512-507-6784 or  to discuss date availability, menu, location, any special requirements.

We are located in Austin and we prepare food at our location.

We cook all different kinds of cuisine. Please check our catering menu on the catering tab.

We required a minimum of 100 people to prepare a catering order.

Yes, Every event, family, and taste buds are different. We do our best to provide what you are looking for.

Yes, we can prepare food to accommodate your guests who need a special diet. When you speak to ys to plan your event, please let us know and we can suggest specific items that will be suitable. Also, please mention if you have any food allergies.

Yes, we make different cuisines Mexican, italian, chinese, mediteranean. Also, we can make indian twists to bring hot spices to cuisine.

Included in your catering contract will be catering staff and manager team that will come and service your event’s food part. We do not have staff or have partnership with 3rd party staffing companies to assist you in working with them to hire additional staff for your event.

Sorry, we do not provide rental items such as tables, chairs, linens, chinaware, etc but we can recommend vendors who supply these items. Usually your decorator can assist you.

We will also work with your decorator and event coordinator to discuss any food related stalls, buffets, and layouts


Apart from the food menu cost, what other charges can I expect for the event?

You can review our catering menu with listed service charges. As we discuss the event menu and additional service requests, we will provide a proposal outlining each event's menu detail, number of guests, & service requested.

Yes, we can provide you with a premium disposable compartment plate that is suitable to your event and menu.  Sorry, we do not provide chinaware, although you can coordinate this with your venue or event decorator.

Online order

You can place an order online (recommended)  or call 512-507-6784 (Sam) to place an phone order

All products are shipped via UPS.

Yes, but you have to call and place an phone order and provide your shipping company Name and account information.

Yes, if you place an order of 10 lb and more. If it is less than 10 lbs, there will be shipping charge depending on your address.

UPS does not deliver on Saturday, Sunday and major holidays.

Once shipped, items can not be returned or exchanged as products are perishable.

We want you to enjoy the freas snacks!